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1 Reason Blogging Makes For Great Marketing

Let's face it, most people are either online or offline. So keeping in mind that the people offline likely are too busy, uninterested or lack knowledge of the online scene.

It's really no big deal.


In most cases, the traditional lifestyle outweighs the more concurrent. Everyone doesn't see the benefit or the point in posting details of ones life by the minute , hour or even by the second. 

Hence, you must always be mindful that there's still untouched audience at your discretion.

*You may prefer to focus solely on offline target audience. Work on weaning them into the cyber world if they have an innate interest, if you need versality and can handle a challenge.


Of course, the world wide web has expanded over such a short time , yet has provided more feasability to marketing approaches. While marketers work out the kinks to successful marketing, it's a cinch!

Much like traditional marketing you must have a business plan, and you must have a targeted audience to pitch to.

Trust me, in the ever-changing online environment strategy is useful but finding your audience is the key.

I'll say it again... You will have a target audience that you pitch to, however you will have a successful market scheme by continuing your pitch with the audience you find.

Every marketer has a technique. Mine is plain and simple.

#1 reason you should blog as a Marketer

Make yourself a resource

Blogging can be time consuming if you have your hands tied in your projects.

Commit to blogging, vlogging , or what I call clogging.

We'll talk more about that in a forthcoming blog ( don't let me forget).

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