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I did get my first royalty from my books 2 months ago. It feels really good to know that my posts are not going unnoticed. Feels even better that people enjoy my literature. I like feedback and reviews. As one token of appreciation, I have 4 special promotions taking place from 9/7/2018 until 10/14/2018. Thank you to my publishing, PIEKIT Publishing and CreateSpace Publishing. Thank you also to Amazon, Kindle, Barnes And Noble , and Audible. 📚📚📚📚📕📕📗📘📘📙📙📓📓📔📒📚📚📖📖📖 

You can order Autographed copies from my site 

Payments via the site are paid after the order is submitted. You will be contacted first to confirm your order and shipping. A link will be sent to you for payment to finalize your order. Alternately you may select the Forms page of the site . Download and complete the form , mail with check or money order. 


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