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Velvet launches new program

Velvet launches new payment plan program for all who'd love to wear the new luxury brand!

CEO/Founder Shantae Esannason , designed a program consisting of 3 payment plans to make it possible for all who look forward to wearing her new footwear brand line.

The program known as , VPP (Velvet Payment Plan) allows potential buyers to select a plan type, make a 1st down payment and proceed with scheduled payments.

The plan currently is facilitated via PayPal.Me and CashApp which allows senders to send secure payments.

Payments start as low as $21 down and ends with the final payment completing the plan. Once completed all generated payments are transferred to an AliveMe Shoes Gift Card issued to the Buyer, who then goes to the website to place the order.

"I find that many people like to pay straight up. I also know that my targeted audience are Parents, Students, people that live in urban areas who may have the money but have other priorities over say buying the latest luxury sneaker."says Shantae Esannason. "It's to no discount, they are still paying full price, just in increments, to allow them to maintain their obligations and still be luxurious."

Coming from urban upbringing herself, Shantae recalls how she "got her gear up" as a youth. "I didn't have it like that, I wore the same clothes every week and rotated when I was elm school. I worked in middle and high school, but I didn't get many hours because I was in school still, so I would often put my clothes on hold or even layaway at times so I could still look good but without stressing my pockets. Until I was able to just go out and buy things straight up. Most times I bought a couple outfits on the spot and put a few more on layaway so I could have them for an upcoming event. So I find the VPP to be my way of ... not forgetting where I came from."

Velvet launched January 2019 and has made many jaw drops. It is the Staff's Pick at Alive Shoes, the manufacturers in Le Marche, Italy known as The Shoe Valley.

Since the launch, Velvet SE has been revealed which is another trendy sneaker by the Velvet brand set to release Spring 2019.

Find Velvet on Facebook, Instagram and at AliveShoes.

If you're interested in designing shoes, visit: and submit an application today!


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