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Random Blogs: November 2019

If you have or are a boss that:

yells at employees

tries to find ways to intimidate

spends time trying to find faults

All it shows is :

how dumb the boss is

how incapable/lack of control of managing employees

insecure of losing their role

miserable of a personal life they lead (leave personal shit at home)

Many times I see this, I have worked in all types of fields of expertise and whenever I happen to see these type of behaviours, it is clear that the "manager" lacks true leader and management skills.

Employees have a fine time, slacking when they are treated poorly. Employees, should be given compliments of what they do well, incentives to give them reason to work more efficiently and effectively, and should be spoken to in a respectful tone.

Assertiveness is allowed if a person is constantly fucking up, but just being a complete asshole is how come so many employees end up letting the managers get a taste of their own medicine.

What's unfair about that? Well, it's easy, in all companies there are ethics and codes of conduct. Unethical behaviours are usually tolerated because the average person needs their form of income, have goals and likely rather not have to search out a new place of employment

Other employees are forced to "numb" themselves and tolerate workplace abuse. A small fraction will seek other places for employment or bring it to the attention of HR in hopes of the issue being rectified. Most times it is, ignored, normalized and undocumented.

In America, and other countries as well, there is such a high percentage of people dealing with Mental Illness brought on by their place of employment. Derogatory treatment and insubordination...basically things being allowed in the workplace that should not be allowed.

The average person will do their job well and even better when they are treated well. For what reason would anyone want to go to a job that they hate, that makes them uncomfortable and/or that violates their state of mind?

This is how come you see more and more employees going to work and killing their bosses, shooting up the place and just not giving a fuck about the outcome.

I think that it should be a mandatory requirement for all persons in managerial roles to complete training on how to effectively lead and manage employees while under pressure.It should be routine and they should be scored and if failed they should be demoted and replaced.

This is the key reason why so many big companies struggle to meet their demands, because the inside of their workplace environments are lacking the quality of service to employees that it takes to keep up with the demands.

If customers knew how most employees were treated, they would stop using the services of the companies.

This is one of the biggest reasons that HR are trouble filling roles, because word of mouth is powerful and if they think their commercial image is enough to keep people rolling in, well they may roll in and just as quickly roll out and then they lose business, as most people already sue the services or products of the companies they seek for employment.

Yea, that's all I wanted to say.

What do you think about how managers treat employees?

Is it okay for managers to yell at, humiliate, degrade or make up lies on thier fellow employees for their own perosnal gain?


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